Hi, I'm Davs

I'm a digital engineer and consultant from Brighton, UK and Technical Director at Major Digital.

Whether it's architecting a digital product, scoping digital transformation or coding the solutions themselves, I have a passion for accessibility, performance and good user experience on the web.

My background is in web development (primarily HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React and Headless), but now it's as much about designing the technology plan to deliver the right outcomes as it is building them.


Raising a beautiful family, making our agency the best it can be, whilst trying to commit to the mantra of making things better, everyday.


Monday Night Football

Collaborating with a long-time friend, we've built a portal to view the statistics of our friendly football matches that we've been running for over a decade every Monday night.


A baseline toolkit to ease the building of static HTML sites or integrating into templated CMS builds.

Built during lockdown